IT Solution In A Box

Web Hosting & Design


Web hosting is something ITSIAB offers as a part of its one stop solution. Put simply, this provides somewhere to keep your website to make it accessible to the rest of the world. Either an existing website can be hosted, or if a new web presence is being created by ITSIAB it can be hosted on one of our servers.

We can work with you to register a domain name for your business i.e. or we can offer a sub-domain such as

All web sites are hosted on mirrored storage servers and replicated to another physical location onto another mirrored storage server.

Web Design

A professional looking web presence is an important business tool for any modern day organisation. Often considered to be a very expensive and complicated task, web site design and development is frequently put on the back burner by smaller organisations, as there simply is not time to devote to this task — and most businesses simply do not know where to even start!

ITSIAB makes this task extremely simple, often just providing clients with a single home page to start. We will look at the options that are available for domain registration, i.e. We will understand what your organisation requires, then provide all the options in a clear concise manor. Once the domain name is decided upon the web presence can be on-line within 24 hours if the business web site has been designed and is ready to be published. If the design process is still in progress everything will be in place to publish the web site as soon as it is ready. The agreed domain name can be also used for e-mail i.e. independently of the web site design being completed. Please see our e-mail solution for further details.