IT Solution In A Box

Managed Desktops & Laptops

Managed desktop and laptops are designed for organisations that want to concentrate on business and not worry about IT, for any business from a single user to a larger user base solution. Completely remotely managed, the service provides both the backup solution and e-mail solution as well as a desktop or laptop computing environment. Put simply, all the headache and uncertainty of cost of ownership of your IT environment is removed.

ITSIAB will provide all the computing hardware required, as well as a standardised Microsoft working environment to dramatically reduce downtime due to computing related issues. In the unlikely event of a problem that cannot be fixed quickly, a replacement computer will be shipped for next day delivery that will be configured to work right out the box, no need to wait for a technician to configure the new computer.

ITSIAB also guarantees that all managed desktops and laptops are top quality brand name hardware. We only use the best!