IT Solution In A Box


  • ITSIAB Services – Overview of IT Solution In A Box, a product of Springmark Consultants Ltd. with the ability to provide enterprise level IT solutions and resilience to small and medium sized businesses.
  • Building Blocks –The building blocks have been design with keeping IT simple in mind, there is no requirement to have an in-depth understanding of the IT industry, all that is required is an understanding of what your business needs to do.
    • Off-site Backup – With no hardware to maintain and no backup media to change, the ITSIAB solution provides better data protection then most enterprise backup solutions for a fraction of the cost.
    • E-mail – A professional outward impression is important to any business. For example, having an internet domain name to send and receive e-mail from will always present a better image of the business then using a random address.
    • Managed Desktops & Laptops – Managed desktop and laptops are designed for organisations that want to concentrate on business and not worry about IT, for any business from a single user to a larger user base solution.
    • Managed Local Servers – On site managed servers are designed to optimise groups of computer users, providing fast shared file access and creating a central point for offsite backup.
    • Web Hosting & Design – All web sites are hosted on mirrored storage servers and replicated to another physical location onto another mirrored storage server. A professional looking web presence is an important business tool for any modern day organisation. We will understand what your organisation requires, then provide all the options in a clear concise manor.
    • Telephony – The correct voice solution, with the flexibility and scalability to suit the small and medium size business can be a challenge to get right. With the advent of Voice Over IP offering ever increasing functionality for telephone services, professional voice services can be achieved for a fraction of the cost of traditional telephone providers with far greater flexibility.
    • Managed Networking – The right networking solution is something that should be transparent, ITSIAB will evaluate the information regarding the requirements your business has, and will provide the required network hardware all pre-configured as a part of the managed solution.
  • Online Estimate – Fill in the fields with details of what you require and we will be able to give an indication of the setup and monthly costs for an IT Solution In A Box solution customised to your needs.
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