IT Solution In A Box


A professional outward impression is important to any business. For example, having an internet domain name to send and receive e-mail from will always present a better image of the business then using a random address. However even if you have a domain name, setting it up can be an expensive and complicated process, as well as ongoing maintenance and protection from threats such as spam e-mail and virus attacks.

ITSIAB is able to manage all e-mail requirements with our off site e-mail solutions. The first solution is designed for clients that only require off-site e-mail management or this service with the entry level backup solution. ITSIAB will handle all incoming and outgoing e-mail. All e-mail is filtered for spam using the most up to date anti-spam systems, removing spam and virus threats. Customers have the option of using an internet browser or, if they have an e-mail client on their computers such as Microsoft Outlook, mail can be delivered to this e-mail client. ITSIAB also offers virtual private network remote access to get to e-mail on your laptop from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.

The second solution is based on our managed desktops/laptops, please see the section on managed desktops/laptops for more details.

We can offer this service in two formats, either with your own internet domain name i.e., or with one of our client use domain names — for example If you already own your domain name we can also move it over to the managed e-mail service seamlessly.