IT Solution In A Box

Off-site Backup

The importance of data is never fully appreciated until it is lost. This can be from a hardware failure, having the hardware stolen/lost or fire/flood. The very best scenario after such a data loss is having a paper copy of the lost data, and having to re-enter it. The worse case is a complete loss, which can be very expensive to recover from.

ITSIAB offers an entry level solution which is best suited to offices with one or two computers. The solution utilises the existing internet connection with a small piece of software being installed on each computer to be backed up. This software will then at a preset time (normally after office hours), do a comparison between the existing backup data being held on the ITSIAB offsite storage and the computer being backed up. It will then backup only the differences between the two sets of data over the internet connection.

The primary ITSIAB offsite mirror storage means the data being backed up is written to two storage devices simultaneously, this data is then replicated to another physical location also mirrored storage, as well as being backed up to tape media that is stored in a fire-proof vault.

This provides both up to date data protection as well as the ability to recover archive data from anywhere on the following rotation: any day in the last seven days, then any week in the last four weeks, then any month in the last twelve months.

With no hardware to maintain and no backup media to change, the ITSIAB solution provides better data protection then most enterprise backup solutions for a fraction of the cost.