IT Solution In A Box

Managed Networking

The right networking solution is something that should be transparent, ITSIAB will evaluate the information regarding the requirements your business has, and will provide the required network hardware all pre-configured as a part of the managed solution. As with all the hardware supplied by ITSIAB we only use market leading bands with a long track record for resilience and reliability.

There is one aspect of the solution that requires information over and above the details of the desktops, laptops and telephones your business requires, this is wireless network access, commonly referred to as Wi-Fi.

ITSIAB use very secure wireless technologies, the only access to the network that will be permitted is by systems that you have authorised to access the network hence keeping your companies data secure.

The coverage that wireless access can achieve is very much governed by environmental circumstance, an office consisting of many small rooms with thick walls on separate floors will require more ‘zones’ then an open plan office. There may also be parts of your office that you would prefer not to have wireless access.

If you do require Wi-Fi, we suggest when considering how many ‘zones’ you require, to place a wireless access point in larger open plan offices. If there are then black spots in the wireless coverage extra wireless access points can be added to the managed network.

It is unusual for an office building to not have network cables installed, however if this is the case we will be happy to advise and liaise with a network cabling contractor on your behalf to ensure your cabling meets the requirement of your business both today and as your business grows.