IT Solution In A Box

ITSIAB Services

IT Solution In A Box is a product of Springmark Consultants Ltd. It is intentionally simple, with the ability to provide enterprise level IT solutions and resilience to small and medium sized businesses. The driving philosophy of ITSIAB is to harness the reduced cost of ownership and enterprise benefits enjoyed by larger enterprises, and bring it to small and medium sized business.

ITSIAB has been created as a result of Springmark Consultants delivering low cost of ownership solutions to a variety of large enterprises. It became apparent that low cost of ownership could be enjoyed by small to medium sized business using the model Springmark Consultants had used for its enterprise customers.

Business continuity is one of the many advantages enterprise level IT offers. In the case of total loss of all systems due to fire, theft or other disaster, the systems can be replaced along with all data having the business back up and running in a very short amount of time.

There is no unknown to the solution, it is simply a number of building blocks that can be constructed and tailored to the individual needs of our customers. There is no large IT outlay to establish a new office for example, simply tell us what you need, we will configure it all, and ship it to you. If you need to downsize or expand at any time, we can accommodate your requirement quickly and cost effectively either decreasing or increasing the monthly costs accordingly.

The Building Blocks

With your business's requirements identified and the building blocks utilised to realise that requirement your business can get on with business enjoying all the benefits of enterprise level IT solutions for one all inclusive monthly charge.