IT Solution In A Box


The correct voice solution, with the flexibility and scalability to suit the small and medium size business can be a challenge to get right. With the advent of Voice Over IP offering ever increasing functionality for telephone services, professional voice services can be achieved for a fraction of the cost of traditional telephone providers with far greater flexibility.

ITSIAB offers voice solutions from the single user up to medium size business, with the flexibility of having an extension to your telephone system anywhere in the world that has an internet connection, with all the functionality of the traditional telephone systems and much more. This can be an extension from the office at home, ideal for working from home, or virtual offices, so users physically located anywhere can work as if they were in the same office. As this is all managed with the rest of the ITSIAB solution, it means the office can be relocated at anytime without the cost or timescales of having telephone lines moved. As long as there is an internet connection at your new location, everything will be ready at the new premises.

As with all the ITSIAB solutions this is completely scalable. We can increase the number of extensions or number of incoming lines into your voice system at anytime. This is extremely valuable for organisations that are expanding, as ITSIAB can simply supply all that is required for a new user, a fully functioning technology solution with all desired services, in one simple step.

If your business already has a telephone number this can be transferred to use with the ITSIAB voice solution. This prevents the need to reprint stationary or inform customers of a number change. Once this is done not matter where the business is physically located the phone number need never change, unlike traditional telephone services that tie down telephone numbers to specific geographies.

If a new number is required we can also offer any area code, this includes international area codes.