IT Solution In A Box

Managed Local Servers

On site managed servers are designed to optimise groups of computer users, providing fast shared file access and creating a central point for offsite backup. The managed server solution also provides local services to increase productivity for a medium to large user base, such as the ability to completely rebuild managed desktops and laptops in-situ, so eliminating prolonged downtime arising from failure on the client computers.

Managed servers have mirrored storage and are provided with an uninterruptible power supply to ensure they remain running in the case of a power outage. In the event of a prolonged power outage the server is signalled to shut down correctly, to prevent any data loss. Units have a small foot print to minimise space needed.

As with the managed desktops and laptops, in the unlikely event a server should have a complete hardware failure a pre-configured replacement will be shipped for delivery the next day. This will contain all the data from the most recent backup, and will work straight out the box without any configuration required by an onsite support technician.

The managed server solution can be scaled to meet any business requirement.